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A Glimpse into 2060: Australia's Future Landscape

The Australia we envision in the 2060s will be markedly different from the one we know today. An intriguing journey lies ahead, one defined by key forces that will shape our nation's economy and lifestyle over the next four decades.

Five Pivotal Forces Transforming Australia

According to the recently released Intergenerational Report by Treasurer Jim Chalmers, these five major forces will reshape Australia's economic landscape:

Population Ageing: With an ageing population, we'll experience a shift towards a service-based economy, notably in the care and support sector.

Digital and Data Technology: The expanded use of digital and data technology will revolutionize how Australians live, work, and interact with the world.

Climate Change and Net Zero Transformation: Imperatives tied to climate change will drive a significant transformation in our export sector while ushering in the era of net-zero commitments.

Rising Demand for Care and Support Services: As our population ages, there will be a substantial increase in demand for care and support services.

Geopolitical Risk and Fragmentation: Increasing geopolitical risk and fragmentation will influence our economic decisions and strategies.

What to Expect: Economic Growth and Challenges

As we project towards the 2060s, Australia's economy is set to grow substantially, with real incomes expected to rise by 50%. However, the growth rate will be slower, averaging 2.2% over four decades compared to the previous 3.1%.

Population Dynamics and Workforce Shifts

Australia's population will grow at a slower rate, with projections of 40.5 million people in the early 2060s. The rate of workforce participation is expected to gradually decline, alongside a decrease in average hours worked.

Climate Change and Economic Structure

The net-zero transformation will impact our economy's structure, affecting industries like coal exports while boosting critical mineral exports. Australia's abundant renewable energy resources position it favourably for green energy production.

A Transformative Journey

Australia's journey to the 2060s will be marked by shifts in technology, climate consciousness, care services, and geopolitical realities. These transformative forces will shape our nation's destiny, encouraging us to adapt, innovate, and evolve.

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