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Sales Advisory
& Vendor Advocacy

Looking to maximise your sale price?

Selling? Let us help you secure the best sales agent and the lowest fees available to you.

If the time has come to sell, whether it is part of your overall strategy or for other reasons, we will add considerable value here to you throughout the sale of your property.


DMC Property Advisory will guide and facilitate the entire sales process, ensuring that even the final steps have an optimal outcome. Best of all, this entire service comes at no cost to you. Having a professional acting for you can take the stress out of the process of selling and ensure that you make informed decisions that will assist with maximising your sale price.



Top rated

We will find and recommend the best agent(s) in the area to sell your property.


Quality assured

We personally vet all recommendations to ensure top quality, client experience and satisfaction.


Competitive rates

Using our commercial leverage, we will negotiate and deliver the most competitive sales agent’s fees for your situation.


Peace of mind

This service will save you time, money and potential property sales mistakes, all at no cost to you as the vendor!

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Ready to save time, money and stress?
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