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Australia's property market is showcasing impressive signs of recovery, with recent data from the Proptrack Home Price Index revealing remarkable growth and stability. National home prices have surged 0.16% in July, marking a crucial milestone by surpassing year-ago levels. This resurgence signifies the property market's resilience after navigating the challenges posed in 2022.

National Recovery and Resilience

An uplifting trend has emerged as national home prices continue their upward trajectory, defying the decline observed in 2022. The Proptrack Home Price Index showcases a notable increase of 2.79% from the low recorded in December, highlighting the industry's adaptability and vigour. The market's current standing is even more impressive, with prices now standing 1.36% above those of July 2022.

Sydney's Leadership Role

Sydney has emerged as a driving force behind Australia's property market recovery. The city witnessed a further 0.28% increase in July, propelling home prices to a remarkable 5.26% above the trough experienced in November 2022. Sydney's ascent exemplifies its economic strength and signals a positive shift in buyer sentiment, reflecting renewed confidence in the market.

Brisbane's Remarkable Rebound

Brisbane's resilience is another standout feature of the current property landscape. The city has successfully reversed the price falls from the previous year, with a notable 0.37% rise in July, leading to a new peak. This achievement underscores the city's attractiveness to investors and its ability to capitalize on opportunities despite past uncertainties.

Capital Cities Show Positive Growth

With the exception of Darwin and Canberra, all capital cities experienced a surge in property prices during July. Adelaide led the charge with a robust 0.62% growth, closely followed by Brisbane's 0.37% rise. This collective growth underscores the broad-based recovery in the property market, fueled by strong buyer interest and favourable economic conditions.

Urban Areas Outpacing Regional Markets

A distinct trend has emerged in favor of urban growth over regional areas this year. This trend underscores the continued appeal of city living, likely due to enhanced job prospects, amenities, and connectivity. July further solidified this trend, as regional areas experienced a slight decline of 0.03%, while capital city prices witnessed a positive 0.23% increase. The cumulative growth in capital cities since December stands at 3.60%, compared to 0.81% for regional areas.

Regional Insights by Proptrack

Sydney's resurgence remains unparalleled, as the city leads the nation's property recovery. Home prices have risen consecutively for eight months, reaching 5.26% above the November 2022 trough. Despite a slight dip of 2.22% from the February 2022 peak, Sydney's resilience and momentum remain prominent.


Melbourne's home prices witnessed a marginal increase in July, positioning them just 1.30% below last year's levels. Although the city faces a 4.91% decline from its peak in March 2022, it has made steady progress, with a 0.97% rise from the January 2023 low.


Brisbane's remarkable rebound continued with a 0.37% rise in July, marking seven months of consecutive growth. Prices have surged 1.98% above last year's levels, firmly reestablishing its position after 2022's downturn.


Perth has stood as a standout performer, showcasing a 5.13% growth in 2023, including a 0.36% rise in July. With a 6.56% increase from last year's levels, Perth's market strength is noteworthy, fueled by affordability and limited options.


Darwin's market remained stable with a slight decline of 0.08% in July. Despite this, prices are only 1.22% below last year's levels, showcasing resilience despite the absence of a 2023 recovery.


Adelaide emerged as July's strongest performer, with a 0.62% rise, positioning prices 4.64% higher year-to-date. Its affordable homes and limited stock supply contributed to the city's robust growth.


Hobart experienced a modest 0.21% increase in July, continuing its growth trajectory after pandemic-related surges. The market's stability is noteworthy despite a weaker annual growth compared to previous years.


Canberra's prices experienced a marginal decline of 0.02% in July, highlighting a slow recovery from 2022's downturn. Though showing improvement, prices remain 5.91% below their March 2022 peak.


Australia's property market recovery, as evidenced by the Proptrack Home Price Index, stands as a beacon of positive growth and stability. The resilience displayed across major cities, notably Sydney and Brisbane, reinforces the market's enduring appeal. The ongoing shift toward urban growth, coupled with distinct city dynamics, indicates a promising future for the Australian property landscape. As the market continues to evolve, staying informed with expert insights will be instrumental for navigating these exciting times.


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