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In the dynamic world of real estate, understanding the current trends is paramount. The recently released CoreLogic Monthly Housing Chart provides valuable insights into the Australian property market:

National Overview: Over the last three months, national home values have experienced a solid increase of 2.2%, showing resilience despite a slight dip from the previous quarter. The upgraded Home Value Index model reveals a 3.9% growth in national dwelling values over the year to September.

City Highlights:

  • Sydney and Melbourne: Both cities have seen a steady rise in dwelling values over the past year, indicating sustained market strength.

  • Brisbane: A notable 5.0% increase in dwelling values over the last twelve months reflects the city's growing real estate appeal.

  • Adelaide: With an impressive 8.8% growth in dwelling values, Adelaide is emerging as a standout performer.

  • Hobart: While Hobart witnessed a decline, it's important to note that this comes after reaching a record high, showcasing the market's cyclical nature.

  • Perth and Darwin: Both cities have achieved record-high dwelling values, underlining their current real estate prowess.

  • Canberra: A 7.0% decrease in dwelling values over the past year invites a closer look at the factors influencing the capital's market.

The CoreLogic Monthly Housing Chart serves as a valuable tool for decoding market dynamics. It equips us with the knowledge needed to provide clients with informed guidance and support in their real estate endeavours.

Stay tuned for more insights as we continue to monitor and analyse the ever-changing landscape of the Australian property market.


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